Professional Development Lecture – James Green

Most  artists start off with a job job and art alongside each other

James applied to the RCA yet thought he might not get in

***Look at renting studio space @home * – Consider adapting to new space

During masters there felt like a need to sell artwork + represented by galleries / need a job and need to be able to make out at some time

James suffered from the recession as people stopped buying the artwork + he then got a job as an Events Manager ‘rubbish pay’ yet allowed him to do artwork

Look for residencies @ home as well as in Cardiff?

Exhibition in London – James worked from home (50+ masks) 

Also made the ‘exhibition on finer street” Doll house gallery 

These tricks were to get the name out there

Job as a technician in a school in Tottenham – no progression in job 

Job allowed an inside knowledge of how teaching worked 

“Luck only comes to people who work hard”


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