Professional Development – Sean Edwards


Degree show catalogue

Artist books – Sean has an interest // made a book that is a sculpture made of a book

Pixel Resolution – 300dpi (print quality) — This will need to be thought about for the degree show

We will need to upload a finished installation photo (Will be shown in a separate lecture)

Contemporary art daily – Contemporary artists are usually critically engaged 

Feels like its in the same gallery all the time – white whiter than white — slick looking images

Christoper Williams – Photographer

50/50 catalogue artist books – catalogue in special collection in library / production line of happiness

2nd book published when Whitechapel gallery showed the work

Waller Nickles extract from book – “Basic rules for the design of a catalogue” 2013 p.100

Sean E Venice Catalogue 

How do you want the book bound?

Around £3000 to £5000 last years degree show was £3000


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