Dr. Akhmel Abdelrahman Lecture 14/11

a step towards cross-cultural engagement – about site specific work and murals

“A step towards Cross-Cultural Engagement” –  best title for the presentation

Surface design + Mural Design

Decoration department – Egypt

Architectural/ Murals/ Surface Design/ Drawing/ Painting/ Set-Design/ Decorative Facades/ Landscape + Environmental Design

Some works are prize winners and are on display in different countries and collections

— * How do I feel about my own works being in private collections? * —

Mosaic mural in Sharmelshekh Airport 1992-5

– Made site specific work for the airport yet has made them appropriate for the audiences (e.g Egyptian style mosaics)

-A.Abdelrahman has a variety of private commissions and public

mixing 2D with 3D Islamic art typically is flat – how to make this live in a space that is what the murals are inspired by

2D objects in 3D spaces

-Opera – Worked on projected illuminated patterns that moved to the beats of the performers

“what is a mural” does it need to be integrated into the architectural settings?

“Compositional structures in mural design towards a site-specific deconstructive mural methodology” – Studdied in Rome – Baroque methodology/ Rome describes them as a painting

“poetics of space”

Made a work based on the leftovers from the studio – interested in the idea of projection art


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