Professional Development Lecture:: Nigel Ash

Finished degree in 1991 completed the masters in 2018 – whilst there is still funding on the degree its worth doing  – masters is a good time for developing new skills

PHD do something you are interested in

VIVA:: ((12 minutes exactly))

-Artists Statement – Aims and Objectives

-Linked artists and reasons of influcence x2

-more artists semi-related to practice

-Proposal for future works (and health and safety assessment)

-Final piece development and sketches

-detail of final piece

-Final piece displayed and proposal of venue exhibition space

– Other examples of interior exhibition

-Technical artist reference


Viva- a presentation and review of the whole body of work

Make the presentation as if no-one knows who it is about

– most of the marks come from the viva// although should be from the work (Final Piece)

-enjoyable to have other unlinked elements then link them in!

listen to what the tutors say


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