Artist Statement

For most of my artistic career I have struggled to perfect a practice that conveys in entirety all of what I want my art to say, however over the recent years in my studies in Cardiff. This has led To the creation of a wide variety of works, however these works normally feed back into the theme of printmaking. During my final year at university I intend to create and develop a practice of which can develop in the years after finishing.

What do I want to say with my art? I want my artworks to show a sense of emotion and relation to my current life. I am interested in taking the moments of which feel like pauses and converting them into pieces of art. These moments seem to happen in a variety of circumstances and because of the speed of some events the medium of which these events are capture varies drastically, typically I would be working from photographs and converting them into Paintings, Drawings and also Etchings. I have been enjoying mixing media in my current work and really am enjoying the idea of layering. The most promenant idea that I have been experimenting with is vivid colours and bright lights, this is something that would enhance my practice and the works I am intending to make. To further push the creativity and making process I am starting a travel sketchbook and have organised at least five varying trips to be had over the corse of the next year, this will encourage a wider range material for the creative process to start from.


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