London Trip 24/10/18


Oceania – Royal Academy

This is a selection of the art that I enjoyed whilst at the show in the Royal Academy, Unfortunately not too much of the London trip has influenced the work that I have been making in the studios, however I have managed to capture a few photographs that have been quite inspirational.


White Cube

Julie Mehretu – SEXTANT

The works in the White Cube gallery has really been quite exciting, this is because it directly links into the work that I have been making in the studios, the works were Etchings with Aquatint, this is exciting as I have never quite realised what the effects of the outcome that you can make with this medium.

Bankside Gallery – Royal Watercolour Society

The work in the Bankside Gallery was really interesting to see as normally Watercolour painting to me are quite empty, however this has inspired me to take a far more abstract apporach to my work and as a result of this I have encoporated my watercolour palette into my travel kit.

White Cube Gallery – Bermondsey

The exhibition in the white cube gallery was enjoyable, the two main exhibits were very emotional and stirred up emotion on viewing. Especially the exhibit by Salcedo I really enjoyed the piece and the scale of the organising on behalf of the artist and gallery.


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