Professional Development Lecture :: Anna Rogers

Anna Rogers, Cut and Stick, 201876FD5264-D0FD-4B0E-971E-FE2091D94FD5.jpeg



Workshops, work with charities to lead workshops women’s aid/ v. Helpful

Assistanting, Good way to learn about how artists work, older artists need more help

Exhibitions, If working in exhibitions expect something to go wrong / make sure you know who is curating the work

Residencys, Depends on the organisation, e.g. three doors up, get a contract to know where you are, hours are to be paid for if you have to leave it is okay

G39, dream to work for, organised curator and paid efficiently, the curator makes their own decisions on your work

Connections, Communities and Relationships

  • Friends
  • other artists
  • collaborations
  • galleries
  • organisations
  • people who are not artists

After 3rd year there is still time to develop practice and learn

‘The artwork would be a little better if everyone chilled out a little bit’ A.R

Balance between ‘artist/work’ and personal life sometimes it is good to get away where you make art

Tax – keep receipts

Invoice // 8% interest in late payment


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