Canvas Experimentation


During Boost week I have been working towards making a canvas painting, this has been a hard process for me as this is something I have only a little bexperience in, however it is something I am interested in making and feel it is necessary to get one made before Christmas to be able to count the idea towards the process of deciding what to have in the degree show.

To make the canvas I will be referring to a collage made earlier in boost week to use as the grounds for the canvas.

To make the canvas I starched and stapled a piece of canvas to the wall and have then put a layer or gesso paint to give a neutral background to paint onto, then I masked off a square on the promised layer ready to fill it in with work, Paul then came to my space for a tutorial where he showed me that you can use a projector to plan where you make marks on the canvas, so I spent some time laying my marks on the canvas and then I have finally started to paint on the variety of circles, however as I goon with the work I am unsure on what this will look like as at first I wanted it to look like the collage and be realistic, however whilst painting I realised I can use the time to experiment with techniques and have since been markmaking on the canvas.

Overall I feel the booster week has been a slight success, however with the added pressure I couldn’t be sure the work I was making was for better or for the sake of it. However the experience has allowed me to want to spend more time in the studios.


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