Etching Workshop :: Sugar Lift 18/10

For the final instalment of the Etching workshop we were introduced to Sugar Lift, which in a way is similar to Aquatint, however it created a pretty different effect in the end.

For this you start by de-greasing the plate as normal, then use a sugar lift paste to paint on the areas you want to be bitten, I decided that this week I would make improvements to both of my prints and would add gestures to both the plates, for the first plate I made I decided to add a guestural stroke across the painting that complimented one of the existing marks on the plate, this turned out incredible successful and a lot of the brush strokes were captures, when in the original process of dissolving the sugar it looked as if it would be unsuccessful.


The second plate I made also worked fairly well, however I feel more of a connection to the original plate.


This process has been a deciding factor in my project so far, until the Field project last year I had no interest in printing again, especially as my main practice, however I decided to take the etching workshop as I do enjoy the process of printing, then then during the workshop I developed an idea to continue in the mean of printing. I am unsure as to what I will do with the prints, however I will spend some time developing some ideas and see where they will go, luckily I can use the plates to make lots of prints for future works.


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