Etching Workshop – 4/10

For the etching workshop introduction and notes see post : Etching Workshop (Process Notes)

For the prepersation of entering boostweek and also as a way of generating work I decided to go on the Etching Workshop, this is a course that lasted three weeks and would take us through the processes of making the plate and perfecting the perfect print.

For this workshop I was aware that I would need to start from a base point as the work I was making would need to be related to my practice in some way or another, and because of this i decided to make a plate in reaction to the original photograph I chose for the summer work. (Enter Third Year) This was of the feeling of the steam fair in Tarant Launceston. During the workshop I knew I wanted to make a more painterly print and this was because of the introduction Tom Martin gave and because of the few prints he showed at the start of the work.

For this workshop we managed to prep and print a plate, which was surprisingly a quick process, however this could be because I have done a few of these printmaking processes before and have gained a small amount of speed because of this.

After this first workshop I have been back to the printmaking studio and have been working at prints using stencils and also prints in colours alternate to black. This again is to further build a body of work and to hope that the work can be used to create more pieces with the prints being the base layer.

Etching Print with Stencil

This is one of the prints I think I will not work over as I feel it is strong enough with no extra work, however I may experiment with the idea of stencils again as this has become very successful.



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