Allocated Tutorial

  • uncertainty on where my work will progress to in final year, unsure of starting point
  • Themes of interest are Materiality and Surface
  • ACTION:: Research the relationship between mediums and media
  • What contemporary artists? Paintings to Critique
  • Contemporary abstraction
  • GUESTURE // painting and its tension // colour
  • Experiment with colours and its extremities
  • Printing and textures
  • **You can print onto canvas ** Explore screen printing
  • Think about SCALE in art and within my practice
  • ACTION:: Etching workshop // prepare ideas to take to the workshop
  • ACTION:: Explore screen printing
  • experiment with different applications in print
  • Brushes / Hair / Knives
  • Research Robert Rauschenberg— look into his collage works, guestures and scale
  • Find out about :: Canvas and its qualities // Surface tension of canvas / manipiulation of canvas // staple canvas to walls to create work!

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