Formative Assessment

Artist Statement::

An issue I have had with my work alsmost all of my artistic career has been “What shall I draw (make)” and this is something I have been troubled with most of my academic life as an artist. I have struggled to make artwork that match on set style, and that is what I strive to make, work that is one set style. My current aim is to create small instinct based artoworks in the form of small artist books to tackle this problem. Inspired by one of the initial Ideas Lab Workshops, these small artist books have been influencing larger works and have been building up to create an encyclopaedia of my quick reaction based works. A goal for the end of this year will be to have a professionally created book handmade and filled with these works, all as a initial response to the Roni Horn, Pink tons, 2009.


For Documentation you need to have four specific links (listed below) and one of your own choosing:

+A post that documents the original artwork you chose and your continued ideas and material responses to it.
+A post that begins to clarify the translation of your ideas around this artwork, evidencing the material exploration and thinking that led to the development of your own original artwork(s).
+A post that begins to demonstrate your thinking for the Site Venue project that you will participate in.
+A post that indicates how the knowledge gained in your chosen Field projects has begun to enhance your studio practice.
+A post of your own choosing.

For Contextualisation you need to have four specific links (listed below) and one of your own choosing:

+A post that demonstrates the most influential concepts you have gained from the Key Concept lecture series, with a brief description of how this has influenced your practice. 
+A post that demonstrates a key contextual reference you found through your continued research with your studio practice.
+A post that indicates a key contextual reference you have found through your research during either of your Field projects, with a brief description of how these have influenced your studio practice.  Description::: This lecture, and also the field projects where I had been involved with Tom Martin have been very inspirational to me. Tom Martin would probably be my most inspired artist this academic year so far, this is because of his multiple interests and his method of working. For example how he takes his inspiration from organised works, such as the Herbert Distill, Museum of drawers. And also the meticulous ways in which he works, this way of working is what has inspired my main idea to create a bound book.
+A post that indicates your contextual research and thinking about how artists display and disseminate their work with regards to your site venue project.
+A contextual post of your own choosing.


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