Subject work development

So far in this project I would say I have started to create works that fit my goal, here is a select few works that follow a time path, and are in chronological order, and I am very pleased with the out comes so far as the work looks as if it all belongs together. I am also proud of the tecnical skills I have gained so far.

1st image: This is the first artist book I made, as the first one I possibly spent too much time on it in comparison to how long I intended to take to make these, however, this book was a great point to start at and also captures some of the piece  that I was originally inspired by!

Roni Horn, Pink Tons, 2009


2nd image: The second image is from when I was experimenting with many ideas, this shows my salt and watercolour experiments, I also created works with grow your own crystals, and using different types of paint with different materials. This preriod of experimentation was useful and allowed me to have fun with the project.

3rd image: This is from the first Field project, luckily the field project fir so perfectly with my subject work. This piece was the first time I had used encaustic, witch is something I wanted to explore post Jasper Johns exhibition, and also, the first time I have taken a near finished piece of work and reworked it, e.g the finished print being the base of the work.

4th image: This os the motifs from field, I originally thought that this was a wasted excessive that we had to do, however it has been really interesting to see this progress and develop into the artist books I have been making

5th image: this is one of the more recent artidst books in comparison the others and is the first one I had fun with in terms of presentation, this is a diamond form and is almost a peel to reveal inside. I am stating to become more free in the means of book making now.


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