Artists Who Have Inspired my Subject Work So Far::



Roni Horn, Pink Tons, 2009



This is the original piece I was inspired by, after my first viewing in first year I decided that this was something I wanted to look into, the background meanings behind the piece is what has inspired me the most. For example, I enjoy the context of the colour and weight and the masculine/ feminine meanings, I also enjoy the idea that the artists main inspiration comes from visits to Iceland and the way the scenery impacts her, this is something that I have aimed to take forward in my own work.


Vija Celmins, To fix an image to memory, 1977-82


This piece also inspired me because I was inspired by this artist, these are rocks and identically made counterparts, these are made to the same weight, texture and colour. They are interesting to me as it is a similar practice, however the outcomes are so different. What I find similar is the way the artist is studying the rock/artefact and is then developing in into their practice. However, my work is made into books that are a hint of the originals, but in no way a replica.


Thomas Martin, Myriorama, 2012


Thomas’ work has inspired my final ideas as his method of working is so intense, and also so meticulous, this piece above was worked on and each individual box was made, hand signed and numbered, and the 1000th one had a painting in. I also enjoy Martin’s other works as it also is so neatly made, this is what had inspired me to create my a4 hardback book.

Dieter Roth, book c6 (1959), artist’s book of hand-cut cardstock

image: Same source as quote

“Roth first began to create books using the printmaking techniques he learned working at an advertising agency and gradually began to evolve into more and more avant-garde terrain, printing all manner of content (concrete poems, found newspaper columns, geometric shapes) on plastic and other cheap materials, and eventually incorporating food into his books.” —

Dieter Roth and the artist books have inspired my works, I have been making small artist books and some of them I have been looking into mixing unusual mediums, like the book with the clay as a page. I also like looking at the artist book collection in the library as they have a Roth book and also a lot of other artist books that have interesting perks.


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