Signature Work



r my Final Idea, I want to make an A4 bound book, I have been messing with this idea for a short while now and initially experimented into this region in the book binding workshop. This was a while ago, however it was very interesting to learn the skill behind making a book. I have also worked alongside Tom Martin, for advice on how to measure the holes to bind, how to measure paper, and any other blips I have encountered.

For the signatures I have been sitting alongside my artist books and also my stone collection and been trying to draw up small plans for each of the signatures.

This has meant that I need to plan the order of the pages so that when I bind them they are all read and followed in order, a new task is having to leave blanks where needed to create chapters, and to create the book itself, it is quite nice getting to follow a plan as this is something I have not created before.

This is a few photographs of the few signatures I have created::

These signatures have clear links to the works I have been doing before and also are all made to fit the pattern of the book




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