Emily Hartles, Drawing Experiment

Emily Hartless is a student in the Royal College of Arts, and was working in a project with Hester Buck their work in collaboration is reaction to the “Savils Report, Completing Londons Streets, 2018” http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/uk/residential—other/completing-london-s-streets-080116.pdf 

I was offered the oppertunity to create a collaborative piece of art with the artist and art historian Emily Hartless. My sketches from our works together have since features in her publication of “Dissecting the City” and the experience has enabled me to understand more about collaborative works and has also informed a new section of my own personal practice. My name has been published in this document and has lead to new oppertunities from the RCA where Hartless studdies, such as future collaborative works.

We met in G39 and we were all introduced to the project and then taken on a tour of the urban areas of cardiff to create some situated drawings, this feeds directly into my idea of distortion of reality and the oppertunity allowed me to be more free in my practice whilst also forfiling a project breif.

This was my outcome:

Overall the experience was pleasant and I would love to make more collaborative works


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