Key Concept – The Everyday


√James took this to mean comic art.. based on his everyday practice
*Understanding comics – Scott McCloud BOOK
*Papyrus of Ani, 1250 BCE (Brittish Museum, London)
** GALLERY* Cartoon and comic museum, Holborn, London
*Soane Museum, Holborn, London
— The rakes progress // at different times in the day the walls open up to reveal a second set
— David Hockney,A rakes progress, 1961-63. etchings(still shown in the royal college of art

—William Hogarth, Beer Street and Gin Lane, 1751

Safer to drink beer or gin than water
—James Gillray, Punch cures the gout,1799 Hand coloured etching
One of the first examples of speech bubbles
—James Gillray, The plum pudding in danger,1805

— Dave Brown, 2011 — modernised version
—Windsor McCay, Little Nemo in slumber land, 1867-1934
—Fletcher James – invented one of the first female superhero’s, Fantomah
Art Spiegelman, Maus, 1991
— influenced by his fathers story
Katsuhiro Otomon, Electric Bird Land, from memories, 1990
Sound of Sand, from Memories, 1990
David Hockney, c.1960’s -daily practice all drawn in one go
A walk around the Hotel Courtyard, Acatlan, 1985
Pablo Picasso, The Dream and Lie of Franco, 1937
Roy Lichtenstein, Oh, Jeff and Still Life After Picasso, 1964
James Green, MoonBoy, 1995
M.F. Green and Fletcher Hanks, Fred the Head, 2010


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