Site Venue – Dioramas

Dioramas :: are most closely associated with natural history museums // normally a staged scene (different elements // found objects / sculpted objects)
Can sometimes be miniatures

*Louis-Jaques-mandé-daguerree 1820’s
Photo machine in original
*Jake and dinos chapman — artificial hills, 1990’s


Jake and Dinos Chapman, To live and think like pigs
*Janet cardiff and George bures Miller, 2004

•look at elements of sound for locker project
*Armand morin, canyon, 2012 (similar styling to grande canyon)
*Isa Hensley, 2002-06 (exhibition)
*Marvin gate chetwynd, diorama, 2014 ((formerly:: Spartacus chetwynd)) see other works
*tracey island from blue peter(thunderbirds)

*serena corda, 2009
•Gaston bachelard, the poetics of space, 1958
*truman show, like living in a giant diorama





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