Site Venue : Shoebox Exhibition

For the first lesson of site venue we were instructed to bring a shoebox or equivalent in to the lesson. We were then given the ways of exhibiting lecture, and told to turn the shoebox into an exhibition for the next lesson. My shoebox was a small narrow box, which I decided to turn into a miniature version of my studio space.

I used some card to create the white walls and I left the floor the original cardboard material as this is similar to the colour of the concrete in the studios.C4C46F21-C8E3-4A4B-A072-26973A7A63DD


This is what I created in preparation for the next session, however it looks best when displayed in the studio as without the context it doesn’t look as recognisable, also if I were to display this piece I would not be sure on how to present this as a photograph in the studio or as a stand alone piece.



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