Key Concept: Beauty

– Richard Wright, No Title (Detail), 2009

Beauty is an abstract concept (as is redness). For example, you can point at red things red, but you cannot point at redness, this is the same as beauty, you can point at beautiful thingsm but you cannot point at beauty.

This leads to the suspision of beauty, Beauty = Prettieness.

Beauty = Superficial

+ Damien Hurst, Beautiful Leeds United 3-0 if its got a hole in the painting (the vortex of youth), 1999



Beauty is Kitch

+Jeff Koons, Large vase of flowers, 1991 (Bronze)


Beauty as seduction

+Ai Weiwei, Straight, 2008-12

Beauty is deception

+Andre Mason, The Kill, 1944

Beauty is the cover for political manipulation

+Ivor Babiliov, George W. Bush, 2002

This means::::

Beauty is prettieness // Beauty is superficial // Beauty is kitsch —— these all mean “Beauty = Meaning

Beauty = seduction // Beauty = deception // Beauty = cover for politican manipulation —— these all mean “Beauty = albi for a hidden meaning”


Is Beauty subjective  or objective ?

Beauty Is objective:: should be able to isolate the beauty element

Beauty is Subjective:: the nature of the object

Is it possible to identify an objective of standard Beauty?

See the Marquand mask (Average of beauty)

Critique of judgement (1790)

+Beauty is a form of liking

are all forms of liking the same??


Types of liking::

1. The agreeable: governed by desire // subjective // private

2. The Good: governed by reason // universal // public

3. The Beautiful: not governed by either desire or reason // universal subjective

disinterestedness, we do not look at art in the same way as we look at the world

+Nicholas Poussin, The martyrdom of St. Erasmus, 1628-9




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