London Visit::


Barbara Hepworth, Sea Forms, 1969 (For Sale)

— when i saw this piece it caught my eye as intriguing, as this is a simple piece, normally when I make works myself I get too caught up in overworking the art and filling it with too much, however this has a great balance of all elements


Barbara Hepworth, Three forms assembling, 1968

—- I enjoy this piece as a prequel to the previous piece, because you can see they are similar concepts held together with very different outcomes, with the same use of colour, and the same mediums, this piece is more busy, it is pleasant to see a more refined version


Anish Kapoor, 12 etchings – Untitled 12, 2007

—- personally I have never seen an Anish Kapoor 2d piece in person, so this was a rather unique experience, as I feel like this has a similar feel to some of the larger sculptures I have seen of his work, this feels like it fits the repitoir of his work and blends seamlessly.

Hand Ememark, Alluvium (Medium)

—- I went to a small glassworks when in London, Bermondsey, and had the thrill of seeing a live class in action, I couldn’t participate, however what I watched was very interesting. Ever since I was small my mother has collected small paperweights so seing glass objects being made was very interesting and involved in my childhood. I initially liked this piece as it reminded me of one I had seen in Gallery 10 and is a form that I enjoy.

Sophie Southgate, Blue || orange, 2017


Southgate is an ex CSAD student and so is even more inspiring


Whitecube Bermondsey::

These are to separate exhibitions within the white cube gallery, the first shows the Kool London radio station in their live airing from a booth in the gallery, this involved music through the studio and also included a live stream to both the station and a web page that captured film, in the screenshot you can see where I am stood.

The second exhibition was a two part exhibition, with a film showing how the elements on the wall were made. This exhibition was enjoyable to me and relateable, as I took interest in the organisation of the components, they seemed to be in a random order and had a few on the floor, however there could be further meaning into the organisation of the piece, much like my stones.



Claire Fountaine, Produci, consumo, crepa (Produce, consume, die) 2010

On initial impact I mistook this for a Bruce Neumann, like the ones I have seen previously, however this is not, I enjoy the similarities in the two works and also enjoy the concepts. I feel like this is something I can take forward, because if there is an artework I see I should include more references in my work.



Karla Black, Easily asked, 2014

This piece excited me as it is by an artist I have been studying for my dissertation, this is amazing to have seen first hand as I had never seen this work in person but have spent so much time reading into it.


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