Site Venue – Ways of Exhibiting

Have you exhibited in the past? How had the space influenced your project?

Site responsive art in the area — blog post about Roche court // locker exhibition for the project (links to subject // toms little artworks) IDEA:use new fairy lights

Site responsive work in Cardiff — made in roath //
Site responsive work in the planet— Anthony Gormley, another place,2005** I have seen the Anthony Gormley sculpture on two occsiaons, one in Roche Court and one in Bordeaux **
Olek, London, 2012 (knitting artist)


Space invader Street artist
Underbelly project, NYC
Barry McGee, Berkeley art museum 2012
Good for exhibiting ideas
Memorial to Jews killed at war in Berlin

The way things go, fisisch and Weiss
Willi dorner, people

Site responsive work off the planet—
Moon museum, forest Myers, 1969
Elon musk, Tesla in orbit
Omuamua, sported October 2017
40meter long asteroid

Maude Mccann Gallery, London
David Hockney, small artworks,
Marcel Duchamp, mini installations
Mark Dion Tate Thames dig 1999
Cabinets of curiosity


Herbert distill museum of drawers. (see toms lecture)


Gilbert and George, maquette for kunsthaus bergenz exhibition, 2002


**Edit for Formative Assessment** 

This lecture made me feel quite a lot more excited for the project, I was unsure about the project in the beginning however after the first lecture I was rather excited. I have had more ideas about the ways to display work, this also came from the Key concept lecture about the exhibition by John. 

I enjoy the Marcel Duchamp piece about the cabinet of curiosity and have attempted to use this concept in my locker exhibition, however I am unsure how to translate this into my own work.

I also have started to be more excited for site responsive work and am looking forward to making work for the made in Roath spring festival in the small gallery space.



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