Relational Colour Final Presentation

For the assessment for Field we were to set up our work with our strongest composition, this is the outcomes of out group presentation:


This shows our work on display alongside the other groups, we were able to chose the angle and position of the lighting and also the organisation of our slides to make the layout ‘pop’.

In the photos above this is not the layout we started with, we started with this layout:


To me this is a fairly stong layout as it includes a feature from all of our works, the front slide and the middle components being made by the other two girls, and the copper squares in the back being from myself.


Overall I quite enjoyed the presentation and it was really useful to see the work on display in the dark room as it really was the finishing touch, if I was to continue this project I feel I would like to see the boxed in a white daylight room, and also would like to make a composition with solely my own work.


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