Relational Colour Assessment

What new or existing skills did you learn or develop? Field has been a project of learning new skills, for example; a large aspect of the corse was for us to have the opportunity to use screen printing, material workshops and laser cutting to create works of art that experiment with colour and the ideas of  colour theory. Have these new skills impacted on your Subject work in any way? This project has enabled me to introduce new skills into my practice work, and has also allowed me to experiment with using more colours and also developing the work past the first process, for example, with the IMOOS inspired boxes I have now been able to create works that I am happy to manipulate further, I would never have cut out the materials without prior instruction.
What new ideas has the project introduced you too? This project has opened up the ideas of laser cutting and being able to put the objects you make into the system to cut precise holes into the pieces, I also enjoyed how we were able to make the patterns with Adobe Illistrator, a program I have little to no experience with.How did you develop these ideas? These ideas have been developed by creating two new designs with the laser cutter for future use within the textiles department. I also will be using the heat press and the heat transfer inks as these may work well in my subjec work with bookbinding. Have these ideas impacted on any other modules? My work has not yet been influenced by this project however I have been creating a list of ideas for ways this can be influenced into my proactive and other modules.
How did you find working collaboratively?  Unfortunately the collaboration aspect did not work as smoothly as we would’ve hopes, the two others in my group went to the screen printing induction and I to the material induction, this initial separation mean that the work we were creating had no connectors as we had not described what we were making, this then led to decisions aboutn how to mix the separate elements into a cohesive piece.How did you find working independently? Working independently was significantly easier as I was learning all all the processes from the beginning, this meant that whilst an individual I had more capacity to learn and remember and little effort to make works to fit around any existing works. Will you use or develop any of these methods in the future? If so, then how? These methods are potentially something I will look into as for the future I will have to converse more with the other team mates at the start of the projects.
Will you carry any of the work from this project through in to your Subject work in the future? I am not too sure if i will continue the IMOOS inspired box idea, however the first idea of the slides with the slight variation in colour is an idea I am willing to spend more time looking in to. If so, then how? This would probably be in my free time and not as an aspect of subject or field work.
What artists were you introduced to? Charles Biederman, the most inspiring to meddc0f8af7b4fb9bdd5b69d86c55eac53-mondrian-painted-wood.Did any of their work help you to develop your own skills and ideas? The idea of creating the work as a concept, but making the work in a different year is something that I find really interesting and is something that I think could be very useful at this stage in my Carreras. Have you found any other artists who are related to the work you did in this project? Alexander Calder has been really influential to me for a few years, and I have been to see a few exhibitions that contain his work, as it is something I am genuinely interested in, I feel like seeing the work again in a different context has given me something new to work from. However I have also been inspired by Tom Martin, from being show pieces of his work from the beginning as an inspiration and also learning about how he uses others work to directly influence his own has really helped me, also the lecture about his works and his way of working ways really interesting and formed ideas form then on.




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