Subject Development – Signatures

For my subject work I want to develop the artist books into an A4 bound hardcover book. This I want to look sleek and professional. However this is a hard objective as I am quite messy in nature, and also am not used to working in such hard constraints. Typically I make work quite whimsically, and bookbinding is as far from that. I had to decid what order I wanted the pages to be in then work out signature sixes, page sizes and then designs in each page.

The first signature I made was in the first field project, Things behind the sun (see Encaustic workshop to see the alternative ways I developed similar prints from the same plate).

The prints I created were measured and created frames for, I then made prints, and have kept the negatives for future uses. The collection of prints turned out fairly good, seen as they were one of my first planned prints from a screen and my first ever planned signature.



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