IMOOS and Box Making Workshop


The or part of the learning for relational colour we have been given lectures filled with useful artists, this lecture was inspired by Bryan Wynter and the IMOOS, “images moving out of space”

  • Bryan Wynter, Abstract Painter
  • Bryan Wynter, IMOOS VI (Images moving out of space) 1965
    • confusing effect of what is real and what is reflected
    • almost childish interaction
    • influenced by water pathways

Imoos VI 1965 by Bryan Wynter 1915-1975

  • Bryan Wynter, Window through silence -> movie on
    • contrasting colours displayed in reflection
    • inspired y alexander calder
  •  Peter Lanyon, Turn Around, 1963-64
    • stage set of abstract elements
    • would observe the landscape from above
  • Alexander Calder, White Panel, 1936
  • Alexander Calder, Yellow Panel, 1936
    • contrast of colours // balanced still // is it a mobile still
  • Alexander Calder, Snake and the cross, 1936
  • Alexander Calder, Blue panel, 1936
  • Alexander Calder, Untitled, 1934
  • Victor Passmore, Abstract in white, green, black, blue, red, grey, and pink, 1963
    • uses town planning as an idea in his work
  • Charles Biederman, work No.3,1939
    • Mechanistic way of working, void of artists touch
    • separate elements on acrylic sheets
  • Charles Biederman, Untitled, 1932-1982
    •  1932 – concept created 1982 – piece created


  • Stephen Willats, visual automatic no.5, 1965
    • inspired by tower blocks and their inhabitants
    • slight irritation from the lack of pattern // relaxed from objects movement
  • Jesus Raphael Soto, Cardinal, 1965
  • Julio Le Park, Virtual forms in various situations, 1965
  • Tom Martin, Kinetic Relief, 2017 — Both from tech dem show
  • Laura Lillie, Preface, 2018 — Both from tech dem show


This is a set up of all the colour holders in a row!



The next part of the day was to split into mixed discipline groups and create boxes that are similar to the colour holders we made before and also similar to the IMOOS, the boxes were rather large so required us to work as a team to create.


The two photos above show the during and the after of the process of making the boxes, the progress was really inspiring as its probably one of the larger size pieces I’ve ever made.  The box now needs to be painted and also designs need to be made for the pieces we will put inside.




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