Relational Colour Workshops

The workshop was completed over two days, as separate stages, the first stage was to look at the colour when, with secondaries, and choose a colour combination of two opposites that we wanted to work from, we then in pairs had to mix one of the colours, and create a pure colour to start with. Mine was line green. We then had to mix in, bit by bit, our other persons colour to creat a gradient, we had to work to create 10 sheets each to meet in the middle. The only problem with this activity is that you start to think you are creating the same colour over and over and lack confidence that there is a difference.

The photos below show  the pieces all laid out in colour order from the entire group, it is more satisfying when they are all together.


The next stage was in the next lesson and this was to great a neat ‘box/case’ to store and view the artoworks,  this included measurements and following a precise plan to create a case that would hold the future works.


Once this was done, we then were left to cut the squares to create a scene for the colour theory to work in the stands.

The Final Cut


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