Relational Colour Field

BOOK —  Interaction of colour, Josef Albers // Also available as an app

  • Patrick Heron, 9
  • Ellsworth Kelly, Blue, Green, Red, 1965
  • David Bachelor, Orange, 2011 (10.01.11)

Suggestions of sculpture // they are called 2d sculptures

  • David Bachelor, Reef, 2016reef-d
  • David Bachelor, Parapillar 7, 2006/7

Also look at the works with lights// industrial lights // ligths show @ hayword

  • Tony Craig, New Stones – newtons tones, 1978. // recording colour in the form of a journey
  • Tom Martin, Pyramid Grid, 2015

Audience can change the colour, even though there is a chromatic order to the piece

  • Howard Hodgkin, After visiting David Hockney (First Version), 1991.   // painting suggests depth // ‘often thinks of the paintings as being theatre sets’ // good use of opacity for depth perception
  • Victor Vassarely, Kinetic Composition
  • Victor Vassarely, VEGA, 196580c917777d461a63e473f7d600dd4ee9Have a look at the Vassarely foundation in the south of France (possibly visit in summer) /// showed in bath for the BIDIM-MC 1988
  • Tom Martin, After Yvaral, 1965.   // “copied yet adapted to learn from the art”
  • Bridget Riley, Fall, 1963
  • Bridget Riley, RA2, 1981


  • Josef Albers, Homage to the Square, 1953
  • BO LOTTO, Colour experiments / individual perception of colour
  • Peter Sedgley, Cycle, 1965
  • James Turrel, Blue PLanet Sky, 2004


  • James Turrel, Light Reignfall, 2011
  • Carls Cruiz-Diez, Chromosaturaton, 2008
  • Dieter Roth, Kinderbuch, 1954 // artist from previous project I have studied, personal top 10 artists
  • Dieter Roth, BOK, 1950’s

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