Field Trip: The Gower

For the main body of work were were all invited to a trip to the Gower in Swansea, the trip was to allow us to experience what the other side of wales was like, to get an insight to the phenomenal experience of landscape. We were set a few tasks over the time we were away and took some great photograohs and captured some great moments.


The two drawings above show the activities were were set, micro macro and 360” panoramic, the two pieces are slightly weathered from the experience however have made it into a readable format. You can see the view and the people surrounding us in the first drawing and you can also see the scene from the second piece too.

Here is some photos taken form on the trip::

The trip had some inconvenient weather making it quite difficult to create the art works inside, however the experience has created some amazing new friendships and some amazing memories of all of us over the trip, the artworks I will make will be a reflection of all the above elements and will hopefully encoporate this all.


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