Ideas Development

IMG_2778This shows the finalised book I created in the bookbinding workshop. This book is the start to the final idea and I will continue to develop my skills of creating books. The skill of sewing and glueing need to be sharpened up before I create my final book, this means I need to purchase a kit to get started.


Below are two pieces, the first is the stone I collected and on the right is the artwork I created as a response to the artwork, for this piece I focused on the different shadows on the rock and tried to capture them creating a mixture of markmaking. This piece has grown on me and Is possibly one I could develop into a larger piece of work, this could also make quite an interesting type of screen print, this will enable me to then experiment with colours, as there is some red in the rock I would like to extract, however I could also experiment with bright unrealistic colours, taking this piece of art even further away from the original.

This is a different style of the response to the rock I had chosen. This piece is done in a different medium in a different timescale. This way the responses are varied and interesting, and also leave a lot of room for development, for example I could create a highly developed oil painting using this artwork as the reference.

The photo below shows the way I have been categorising the works is far.



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