Site Introduction Meeting


+skill swaps, shared experience, participation, occasionally political

+the shop is often easily available to people who would not normally be available to Art Galleries

+shop in the city center (arcade Cardiff)

+Martha Rosler, monumental garage sale, 1973

– garage sale as an event like a gallery

+Claus Oldenburg, the store, 1961-64

– all unusable objects// made as commodities

+Christine Hill, vloksboutique (.org)

+Rikrit Tirvanja, Social pudding, 2003

Ways of exhibiting

+titles from John Berger book+


+building your own “miniature gallery” // small scale artworks

+Forest Myers, moon museum, 1969

+ there is also a locker exhibition

Information Critique

+Cecil B Evans, Ayers, internet bot

+presentation of information

+Andrea Frazier, Frank and his little carp

+Jenny Holzer, Untitled (Men don’t protect you anymore),1983

+ placement of information

+FILM- the usual suspects

+notice boards or qr codes // disrupting information – screens / books in the library

+”site specific piece appropriate to the site”


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