Initial Experimentation

After looking into Roni Horn, and the way her work is focused on playing with the cross between masculinity and femininity in her artwork and her influences from her trips to Iceland. After looking through my list of ideas I have decided to collect a stone a day from where ever I have been in the day and will organise them all in small sealable bags and create a list of where they have been collected from.

My response after my first week of collecting is a small artist book, filled with responses from the stones. Based in this experience I have booked in to do a bookbinding workshop and will develop my skills and ideas from there.

I have also looked at the experimentation of paint, by mixing paint types with PVA and pouring it onto a canvas, seeing watercolour and its reaction on canvas and seeing watercolours and the reaction to salt. This has created a few pieces of experimentation work.


Hopefully I can continue to create works in the same style and have a collection of artist books to work from. This method of art as a response to a rock/stone/pebble seems to be working really well for me and I look forward to creating and collection more


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