Gallery Visit 4/10/17

In anticipation for the upcoming deadline of closing a piece of work for the basis of our subject work I organised a trip to visit some of the main galleries in London, this was in anticipation of seeing the work I would base my years worth of Practice on.

After a tutorial the day before my visit I decided to look through previous influences, in a previous blog post I referenced,in year one, how I enjoyed a piece by artist Roni Horn. Based on this I planned to see the artwork again and I decided to visit it again, take some in depth photographs and see other works to check I wanted to base my work on this one piece.

These works above were my four top favorites at the Saatchi and Tate Modern Galleries (Names of artworks attached). These pieces were my favourite for the mixed mediums and variety of sculpture and artwork, I enjoy the way that three out of the four were made of materials and not paintings. However I like the Philip Colbert painting as for the use of metaphors and the style of painting that mimicked a collage.

However I was mainly focused on the Roni Horn, Pink Tons, 2009 as this was the main reason I went to the Tate Gallery. The piece is monumental in its gallery, Between Object and Architecture, an installation of minimalist works. After being in the gallery I asked the invigilator if I was able to take photographs on the sculpture up close, this is to further expand my knowledge of the piece. As a result of the trip I have decided that this is the piece I will base my work on and will research further into the works made by this artist and the Minimalist genre it has been featured in.



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