Key Concept Lecture: Studio

+ Daniel Buren, 1971 Text, The function of the studio

Two different types of studio:

+ European Model// large windows ect…

+The American Model// often in factories

1. It is the place where the work originates

2. It is generally a private place, an Ivory tower perhaps

3. It is a stationary place where portable objects are created

+Alexander Lieberman : photographer who worked with vogue to capture the artists studios // staged photos

+photographer talking about: Alberto Giacometti// it is a studio with a small room, ground floor, not much light, grey and white, small amounts of white ‘solitary experience’

+Michael Dean (watch small film on moodle)

“Private studio” —> what does this space mean?

+Keith Wilson: talks about the studio and the boredom

Pom Pom chair – how different objects contrast each other

+ Phyllida Barlow

– 1st studio – garage on the side of the house

– hatred of the object/ studio is deeply important

– 2 kinds of studio; enlightened studios / grim studios

Enlightened studio is where she liked to work/ would like to make work // not based on being a strict studio

Grim Studio based on the experience of a studio at art school

+Bruce Nauman // walking around the perimeter of a square in an exaggerated manor

Museum; the graveyard for paintings/ talks about the artworks grieving

+Atelier Brancusi: identified the studio as the place for the works left the works to the French state // currently mored and only able to view through the glass windows

“Expanding the way of studios”

+Duchamp’s idea of the studio as a laboratory // started as a painter // studio was a space where he researched and experimented // “creative act” the role of the viewer bringing the artwork to life

++Joelle Turnelickx, also studio as a laboratory// in the gallery she has marked her studio site

+Daniel Buren

Stripped posters that were put up over all of Paris

“Post Studio” – google it (

+Buren had a studio space that was his office

+Post Studio- where most graduated contemporary artists find themselves (anyone who moves)

+Gabrielle Orozco – “the world”as the studio creates work in supermarkets and wherever he is // goes out and finds expertise in different location e.g. will work with mechanics ect.

_The solo artist as the curator

-The internet becomes the studio – accessible anywhere //you can view the artworks and you can share the artworks

Amaliaulman instagram performance /graduated Goldsmiths moved to LA


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