Ideas Lab (Workshop 1/2)

After a group tutorial that we all got to know about each other and what the works done over the summer project was we went to a workspace and we merged with another tutor group to create some work.

With instruction to bring an artwork we were all introduced to the other tutor group and asked to find someone from the other group to meet up and create some art works. Our partner was to give us their chosen piece and our own to them, from this we were told to make a series of other artworks.

These artworks show the quick works created in the ideas lab, these were quick fire pieces based on my partners chosen artwork by Pierro Manzoni 25 Achrome 1958.0de9d57c2931ed488be9b813fa3f49fd My first piece was the charcoal drawing and I created it with therapeutic movements to recreate the piece, I felt that this was a very enjoyable was to approach the task and was a new way to react to artworks. The second was the painting, done on the same timescale and method, for this piece I was wearing gloves and used each of my fingers to create the marks on the paper in a similar way to the original artwork. The third was a sculpture. For this I decided to stick to using the paper and instead decided to add other materials to is, like the artist uses slip over the canvas. The final activity was to capture a photo that repersented the artwork, mine captures similar elements to the sculpture piece.

This method of working has been a great experience and is something I will continue to use in the future of this project, this is because I am usually someone who over thinks the meanings behind artworks. I will find a way to re-intriduce this purity into my practice.

In the second ideas lab we were told to create artworks based on the works our partner created in the previous session, my partner was looking at Chuck Close, Self Portrait, 2004-5.  The outcomes were some rather different looking artworks from the original Close piece. As seen above there is six photos, the first of each pair shows the work I was using as a reference point, the second shows the work I created as a response. I feel this workshop went equally as well as the first as it was good to see how different the works looked compared to the original work and also compared to my previous practice.

The entire experience has broadened the way I respond to works, it has enabled me to create works that are spontaneous and also look at works in ways I hadn’t necessarily seen before.



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